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Define Glow Light ™

Your skin deserves the very best, and at Define Clinic, that’s exactly what we deliver. Day to day, our complexion is affected by the world around us. Sun exposure, cloudy days, pollution, smoking, and even our mental health can have a considerable negative impact, whether this be clogged and inflamed pores or gradual dulling of the skin.

At Define Clinic, many of our patients are incredibly diligent when it comes to maintaining other parts of their body, for example, visiting their dentists and hygienist religiously every six months. However, the same level of care isn’t extended to their skin. This can be disastrous for overall skin health, and can lead to persistent acne, premature ageing, and a lifeless, dull complexion.

Dr Benji Dhillon, our co-founder and head of facial aesthetics here at Define Clinic, knows just what you need to keep your skin on top form. Using the most innovative devices and procedures available, Dr Dhillon has designed a unique range of exclusive treatments to help you maintain and improve your overall skin health.

Define Glow Light™ is a combination treatment comprised of the Envy Silkpeel and Healite LED phototherapy for a deep skin cleanse that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Define Glow Light™ is highly effective at encouraging healthy, glowing, more youthful skin that is at risk of losing its vibrance.

To schedule your consultation for Define Glow Light™ treatment with a member of one of our skilled aesthetics team, please get in contact today.

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Frequently asked questions

The entire treatment time is approximately one hour. To begin with, the Envy Silkpeel exfoliates dead skin from the outermost layers to reveal younger, fresher skin below, whilst simultaneously applying a personalised topical dermaceutical to promote healthy cell growth from within. Then, Healite LED is used to deliver targeted beams of light to the skin, stimulating the natural growth and repair processes from within.
There is no downtime associated with Define Glow Light™, though patients will experience redness for up to a day after treatment. For this reason, we recommend Define Glow Light™ treatment around 3-4 days before a big event. The dermaceuticals applied during the treatment help to simplify the aftercare process and help prolong results if a good daily skincare routine is observed.
Define Glow Light™ is suitable for most skin types and the most common skin concerns, so most patients are able to undergo treatment and experience incredible results. During your consultation, Dr Dhillon will conduct a thorough assessment of your skin to determine your suitability.
Prices start from £390.
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