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The Define Detox Facial

The Define Detox… Define Clinics newest facial. But what does it involve?
Step 1. The facial starts by cleaning the skin and removing any sort of dirt or build up of makeup before we start the treatment.
Step 2. We then apply the Alumier MD Bright and Clear solution, something we always do after cleansing the skin as it helps to further brighten the skin and prep if before a peel.
Step 3. Peel time! We use an Enzymatic peel from Alumier MD, and it helps to eat away at any dead skin, and helps to gently exfoliate the skin with lactic acid (Whilst also being gentle enough to use for all skin types).
Step 4. We then apply the Alumier MD Aqua Infusion Mask. We apply this straight after the peel as it helps restore moisture in the skin and helps to calm any sensitivities.
Step 5. Step 4 is then followed by LED light therapy. You can choose between the red or the blue light. The blue light calms the skin and is excellent for breakouts. The red light is great for anti-ageing and stimulating collagen. The choice is yours, and we can suggest whatever light we think may help your skin and skin concerns most.
Step 6. We then apply the Ultimate Boost Serum by Alumier MD. This serum hydrates, calms and plumps the skin. It also  improves hair acids, amino acids and antioxidants. 

What products are used in the Define Detox Facial?
All of the products that are used in the Define Detox Facial are from Alumier MD, a brand that we constantly use and truly believe in. You can purchase any of the following products from our clinic in Beaconsfield, plus more! 

  • Alumier MD Bright and Clear solution 
  • Alumier MD Hydraboost 
  • Alumier MD Enzymatic Peel 
  • Alumier MD Aqua Infusion Mask 
  • Alumier MD Ultimate Boost Serum 

These are some of our very favourite Alumier MD products, and we are so excited to introduce them all into our brand new facial for you all to try! Please get in contact with us if you would like to book in for the Define Detox Facial, or have any other queries.

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