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Anti-Ageing Dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry enhancement can have a much more profound anti-ageing effect than almost all facial aesthetic treatments.
  • Tooth loss and tooth movement can cause the teeth to look small and yellow as well as causing the collapsing of our facial proportions.

Did you know that cosmetic dentistry enhancement can have a much more profound anti-ageing effect than almost all facial aesthetic treatments? This is sometimes described as a dental “Facelift”.

At Define Clinic, we know more than anybody how dentistry and aesthetics work in tandem with each other to create a healthy, youthful appearance. Many patients seek out aesthetic treatments for their ageing concerns, not realising that the real cause of their woes lies in their bite or smile.

As we get older, our mouth is host to a slew of changes. Tooth wear, tooth loss and tooth movement can cause the teeth to look small and yellow as well as causing the collapsing of our facial proportions.These changes can have a significant effect on our appearance, leading to signs of premature ageing that you may not have ever considered to be related to your teeth or gums.

Many have come to accept ageing mouths and teeth as inevitable, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, at Define Clinic, we utilise the most advanced dental treatments to help our patients achieve lifelong youthful smiles, with surgery or braces only used when absolutely necessary.

Tooth Wear and Erosion

Loss of tooth structure and tooth volume, due to wear and tear, as well as mouth acids is a very modern problem. This can be due to grinding or clenching of the teeth, bite problems not corrected by orthodontics as a child or due to high acidity in foods or undiagnosed acid reflux.

The effects of tooth wear are as follows:

  • Shortening
  • Yellowing
  • Sensitivity
  • Movement
  • Bite deepening
  • Facial shortening
  • Chipping

Shorter, yellower teeth can ‘disappear’ behind the lips, not be seen so well in the smile and make it appear like teeth are missing all together.

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The loss of face height can lead to the face looking much older than it actually is, due to the tip of the nose and chin coming closer together. This is termed a loss of “vertical dimension”. It can appear as if the person has lost all their teeth; the effect is often described as looking like a “witch”.

In order to improve face height and vertical dimensions the teeth and bite can be reconstructed to reverse the ageing process. Common treatments carried out to reverse the signs of tooth wear are porcelain veneers, cosmetic composite bonding, orthodontics , dental implants and crowns, or a combination of all of these in the more severe cases.

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Re-Defining your Jawline

For most, the key to anti-ageing lies in the jawline. The most youthful-looking faces are structured in an egg shape, narrower around the chin than at the forehead. As we get older, our face shapes may become shorter or rounder as a result of a shift in our jaw positioning or a decrease in facial height caused by tooth ear or deepening overbites. What’s more, as our life spans increase, our jaws have to serve their purpose for longer than ever before, making it even more crucial to ensure the jaw and bite position is correctly aligned.

Many patients may turn to facial fillers or anti-wrinkle injections to solve their ageing problems. By targeting the underlying dental causes, Dr Mark Hughes, co-founder and head of the cosmetic dentistry team at Define Clinic, can help optimise the jawline and improve the facial shape for a sense of restored balance in the aesthetics of the face. Face shortening is most often associated with a deep overbite, which worsens as we age. So by reversing the deep overbite we can transform the facial appearance making it more youthful and striking. This reversal and re-Defining of the jaw lines, is often undertaken using orthodontics, such as Invisalign ™ or fixed braces.

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Dentistry for Sleep Problems

The mouth acts as a gateway to the body, both when we are awake and during precious hours of sleep. We all know how important sleep is for overall health, including healthy skin and brain function. As we get older, we may find it more difficult to achieve as much sleep as our bodies require to fully recharge and rejuvenate itself, leaving us prone to a host of premature ageing symptoms. What you may not realise is just how heavily the condition of the mouth and teeth affects your sleeping patterns. As we age, our teeth shorten over time, altering the height of our bite position. This also directly impacts the position of the jaw, leading to a smaller airway and making it more difficult to breathe during sleep as the flow of air is restricted. This decreased air flow happens gradually over time, and many do not even think of it as a dental issue or part of the ageing process. This can result in lower blood oxygen, fatigue, and make you look older than you truly are.

Issues with Acid

Eroded teeth due to high acidity foods or drinks or due to an acid reflux or chronic indigestion problem, can very quickly cause a collapse in your bite. What is nowadays considered a “healthy” diet, can be very deceptively destroying precious tooth enamel. As the jaw and bite positions move over time, eating can become more uncomfortable as ability to chew becomes less effective. This has a knock-on effect on digestion, as inefficient chewing limits the absorption of nutrients. By improving oral health, and the alignment of the bite, chewing power can be restored, helping the body take in more of the nutrients that it needs.

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Relieving Tension

If the bite becomes misaligned, this may cause tension in the head and neck, as the muscles overcompensate for the fact the jaw can no longer fully do its job. However, many patients don’t seek care until the pain becomes unbearable, and often, this results in addressing the symptoms, and not the cause. If your bite has the potential to cause you problems, it is vital to realign the jaw and prevent the risk of developing further issues.

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Face Lift Dentistry®

Surgical procedures such as facelifts, and cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are common and effective solutions to improve your skin’s appearance, but your bite and jaw position is a telltale sign of your age, no matter how many cosmetic procedures you have undergone! This is because as your bite and jaw position goes untreated as you age, your face actually gets shorter every year. Face Lift Dentistry® is like no other procedure in that it can physically improve the shape of your face and the proportions of your profile.


For more information on anti-ageing dentistry, or to arrange a consultation at Define Clinic with Dr Mark Hughes or Dr Slaine McGrath, please get in contact.

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