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  • A subtle and minimally-invasive dental treatment.

It is often assumed that cosmetic dental work is a costly and intensive process only undertaken in extreme cases. However, your teeth sometimes do not have to require extensive work in order for you to undergo cosmetic treatment, and there are straightforward aesthetic procedures available to enable minor alterations, for the smile you have always wanted, but didn’t know you could have!

One example offered here at Define Clinic with Dr Mark Hughes and his team is cosmetic bonding, a subtle and minimally-invasive dental treatment. Cosmetic bonding uses Composite Resin, a ‘white’ filling material, to repair and refine teeth while often completely preserving the natural enamel and tooth structure, swiftly improving the appearance of minor dental flaws to boost both your smile, and your confidence.

Repair & Refine teeth

It can be used to make minor alterations to the shape and the biting egdes of your teeth and close gaps, or it can be used to create a full veneer coverage to completely change the tooth shape and colour. If you decide that cosmetic bonding is the treatment you would like to pursue here at the Define Clinic, our team of cosmetic dentists will assess whether this is the most suitable procedure for you individually, based on the condition of your teeth, your individual requirements, and the results you would like to achieve by the end of the process. Cosmetic bonding is not the best treatment for everyone, as all dental requirements are different, and there may be other cosmetic treatments available for the resistance and finish desired.

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Once it has been determined that cosmetic bonding is indeed the most beneficial treatment to fulfill your dental goals, Dr Hughes and his cosmetic dentists will work with you over one to two office visits to design and test a digital prototype of your ‘new smile’ and then deliver the bonding in only one more visit. It can often be done without any drilling or filing of your teeth and no local anaesthetic.

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Frequently asked questions

Cosmetic bonding is an aesthetic dental procedure used to enhance the appearance of your teeth. It is most often used for minor yet effective alterations. Cosmetic bonding can also be utilised to close small gaps, disguise pointy teeth, repair minor cracks, chips and fissures and to improve tooth proportions if some teeth appear too small. It can also be used to create a full veneer coverage and a smile makeover for a total smile transformation in suitable cases.
The cosmetic bonding process itself is almost always virtually painless, and can last for one to three hours, depending on your unique dental needs, and the number of teeth being treated during the procedure. Very often local anaesthetic injections do not have to be used. During this process one of our cosmetic dentists will clean and prepare the tooth, applying a solution to create an ideal bonding surface. The tooth will then be meticulously coated with a thin layer of resin, to ensure the selected treatment areas are adequately reshaped. This resin is then sculpted as it hardens to create the desired tooth shape, before being colour-matched to your natural tooth enamel and fine-polished, for a seamless result.
While more prone to retouching and replacement than other more intensive aesthetic dental treatments, cosmetic bonding is considered to be more cost-effective when compared with alternatives such as porcelain veneers or restorations. It is very suitable for the younger patient, especially when the teeth are unfilled and healthy. When maintained with the proper oral hygiene recommended for your natural teeth, such as daily brushing and flossing, a reduction in the consumption of products containing tooth-staining agents, and regular maintenance visits, Cosmetic Bonding is an effective and durable treatment that can last from five to ten years. It will need resurfacing , touch-ups and repolishing during its lifespan but for some patients this is an acceptable compromise to avoid other more invasive or costly procedures such as porcelain veneers.

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