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  • Teeth whitening is the easiest and most effective way to achieve outstanding results.
  • Tea, coffee, tobacco, wine, and other staining agents cause discolouration to the surface of the teeth over time.

To dramatically transform a smile with little discomfort or inconvenience, teeth whitening is the easiest and most effective way to achieve outstanding results. Tea, coffee, tobacco, wine, and other staining agents cause discolouration to the surface of the teeth over time, leaving them looking brown and unhealthy. In some cases, staining can penetrate deeper into the surface of the enamel, and compromise your healthy oral appearance. Define Clinic’s experienced cosmetic dentistry team, led by Dr Mark Hughes, can use professional-grade teeth whitening treatments to brighten the shade and restore a radiant smile.


Transformation Invisalign

Nancy didn’t like the crooked shape of her teeth and wanted a discreet straightening treatment. Dr Mark Hughes used Invisalign’s removable clear aligner to achieve amazing results. The treatment was finished off with a whitening session to complete Nancy’s new look.

Transformation Invisalign

Commercial model Natalie felt that crooked and stained teeth were limiting her work options. Discrete treatment was a must, so Dr Mark Hughes treated Natalie with Invisalign, the removable clear aligner, followed by an Enlighten deep-whitening. A year later, Natalie was over-the-moon with the results - and the extra assignments! Natalie’s story shows what a dramatic effect a little smile improvement can make when it comes to careers.

Professional grade teeth whitening treatments that are administered by our trained and experienced cosmetic dentists and hygienists contain powerful bleaching agents to penetrate below the enamel and correct sub-surface discolouration. A combination of custom made at home treatments in combination with in clinic power whitening is the most effective way to get excellent results. We can also provide each of these treatments alone.

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Frequently asked questions

While it is commonplace for cosmetic and pharmaceutical shops to offer over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions, none of them can promise even near to the great results we deliver at Define Clinic. Most toothpastes and rinses that claim to whiten teeth only simply remove food particles from the surface enamel, failing to reach staining below the tooth’s surface. Similarly, bleaching strips to be used at home can take a long time to see any real results, and more often than not the outcome is inconsistent and and uneven.
At Define Clinic, we personally believe that the Enlighten system is far superior to other competitor whitening products, both at home and in-clinic. With worldwide acclaim, Enlighten can lift discolouration by up to ten shades, with enduring and lasting effect. While teeth whitening often causes concern for increased tooth sensitivity, the Enlighten serum is both a powerful whitening agent and a low-risk option, with a low-concentration of harmful chemicals. It also contains a desensitising solution as part of the unique process. We offer Enlighten treatments in the clinic or at home depending on your personal convenience, and can effectively tailor your treatment anywhere to achieve your desired results.
Although Enlighten is a superior anti-sensitivity teeth whitening system, our teeth can become more sensitive generally if it is prone to discolouration below the enamel. If you do experience tooth sensitivity, it is important to let us at DEFINE know before we go ahead with your teeth whitening treatment. This way, we can tailor your whitening system to deliver the best results, without compromising on your oral health.
To manage sensitivity, we recommend using a soft-bristled brush and specialist dental products such as Sensodyne or Colgate Pro-Sensitive, which we find are excellent at reducing the symptoms of sensitive teeth. Avoiding coffee, red wine, or smoking, which are all known to discolour teeth, can help prolong the effects of the treatment. Long term “topping” up of your whitened teeth is important to maintain and even slightly improve the results over a long period of time and to counteract the ongoing effects of lifestyle and food staining, as well as the natural yellowing of your teeth as they get older.
Costs can be as little as £250 for a home whitening system, up to £900 for the most comprehensive and successful procedures such as the Enlighten system. Often a thorough hygienist visit and ‘jet’ polishing procedure, costing as little as £100, can produce dramatic results.

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