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Providing an all encompassing face and smile treatment service for our patients

A perfect smile isn’t defined by starkly white teeth and a generic, artificial newness. At Define Clinic, we believe taking a personal approach to crafting your expression goes a long way beyond improving its appearance. A youthful healthy smile can literally make you look 10 years younger but must consider your facial features as well. A great smile is so much more than teeth.

The Right Look For You

When it comes to smiles, one size does not fit all. While the bright Hollywood gleam is one option, sometimes enhancing your own teeth and repairing the signs of ageing are what is required. A beautiful set of teeth must also fit with your the contours and form of your face and so for some, the Hollywood smile simply doesn’t suit. That’s why at Define, we’re shaping a new choice for glowing, radiant smiles that are personally tailored to you for a more organic, aesthetic, beautiful finish: we call it the Defining Smile.

Protecting Healthy Teeth

Sometimes cosmetic dental intervention can be done too aggressively and one can end up delivery a flashy obviously artificial style. If healthy enamel is damaged unnecessarily, undoubtedly this returns later in life with additional complications. It is often more advisable to move crooked teeth or reposition a damaging bite, prior to placing veneers, whitening or bonding. This is called Comprehensive Dentistry. This ensures greater longevity of your new smile as well a safer and more natural result. Dr Hughes and his team are dedicated to protecting strong, healthy teeth first and foremost and aligning them or reconstructing them to enhance your smile.

The Defining Smile

Internationally-renowned Cosmetic Dentist Dr Mark Hughes recommends opting for the gorgeous, exceptional – often-overlooked – simply great smile. 

The Defining Smile is designed for people who want naturally beautiful, straight teeth with a fresh and radiant look that works for their whole face. Forget Hollywood flash, and say goodbye to crooked, yellow ‘British’ teeth. Internationally-renowned Cosmetic Dentist Dr Mark Hughes recommends opting for the gorgeous, exceptional – often-overlooked – simply great smile. Define Clinic’s expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetics ensures that your overall look will be heavily considered when planning your treatment, to give optimum results of facial harmony. Using state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and a wealth of expertise, Define Clinic are committed to creating personalised Smile Makeover plans to structure a smile that takes into account your face shape and facial musculature. By retaining or enhancing the original shape of your teeth, you will achieve a genuine, more natural-looking smile that embodies understated elegance.

Treatments can take as little as 1-2 weeks or from 6-18 months for a more complex and comprehensive treatment plans. Your treatment plan is always bespoke to your situation and your needs. Results are always excellent. This way, Define Clinic can guarantee a personalised treatment is given to every patient which maximises your outcome and is tailored to your goals. You really will look and feel like the best version of yourself, which is at the very heart of our ethos.

Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation, and throw your head back with confidence – the timeless Atlantic Smile from Define Clinic will never let you down.

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