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While the thought of having orthodontic treatment might seem a little daunting at first, having braces usually gets a lot of bad press that it doesn’t deserve. Although some areas of your day to day routines might become a fraction more challenging, with some extra care and the great tips below, the road to an amazing smile will become a lot smoother.

Eating with Braces

Eating with braces is just as easy as eating without, but just be mindful of what you’re consuming. Foods that are sticky and chewy, like caramel and sweets, could cause issues by binding together through the braces. Similarly, hard foods that require biting into – like apples and corn on the cob – could be problematic, as your braces may seem to get in the way. It’s best to avoid hard to bite or chewy foods to prevent any toothache. Doing this, you’ll also find that your teeth and braces will remain much more hygienic, since food won’t be stuck to them.

Oral Hygiene

It is vitally important to maintain excellent oral hygiene when undergoing orthodontic treatment. This is for two main reason. If you are wearing fixed braces food will be trapped by your braces and so we recommend that you brush your teeth after every meal. This will also help prevent bacteria and plaque build-up, protect the tooth enamel from damage, and keep your teeth and gums healthier for a more successful treatment.

The second reason is that we are much more prone to gum diseases during orthodontic treatments. This is much more significant for adults who are straightening their teeth. Our recommendation is that you have your teeth professionally cleaned by one of our Hygiene team, at least 4 times a year during your tooth movement.

At Define Clinic, we will show you how to properly clean in and around your teeth and braces, for optimum oral health.

Soreness from your Braces

At the start of your journey with orthodontics and braces, it’s normal to experience some pain and discomfort in the first few days. It is caused by the unusual feeling of the pressure applied to your teeth, but don’t worry – this pain will subside. Each patient has a varying degree of discomfort in these initial stages, but if you feel that the pain becomes very uncomfortable, you can take over the counter pain relief to alleviate the symptoms. This is usually more significant with fixed braces than with a removable clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign ™.

Damaged Braces

Damaged braces can quickly become a problem, and need addressing by your dentist right away. While it is very unusual to break braces, they can become damaged by eating sticky foods, if they suffer impact, or if they are caught in some way. Sometimes the brackets can become debonded from the teeth and require replacing. Sometimes after wire changes the wires can end up impinging on the cheeks. These situations can leave you open to minor mouth injury and cause cuts and scrapes inside the mouth. Use orthodontic wax to cover any loose or poking wires to ease discomfort until your appointment to get the braces fixed, as a matter of urgency. While broken braces are often unavoidable, the break in your apparatus might affect your overall treatment time.

To find out more about living with braces, or to enquire about cosmetic dentistry treatment with Dr Mark Hughes and his Orthodontic team here at Define Clinic, consult one of our Invisalign experts or Orthodontic specialists today.

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