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Providing an all encompassing face and smile treatment service for our patients

Patient Experience

We bring together2 Expert Teams,

One for Facial Aesthetics and one for Cosmetic Dentistry as one cohesive unit.

Define Clinic is the very first clinic in the UK to bring together two expert teams, one for Facial Aesthetics and one for Cosmetic Dentistry as one cohesive unit that work in tandem to create outstanding results. Patients can expect a warm welcome from both Dr Benji Dhillon who spearheads the aesthetics team and Dr Mark Hughes who leads the dental team.

Both teams have been painstakingly selected by Dr Dhillon and Dr Hughes and have extensive experience in performing popular treatments such as Anti-Wrinkle Injections, dermal fillers, non-invasive fat loss, ceramic veneers, professional teeth whitening, and teeth straightening – so our patients can rest easily in the knowledge that they’re in very capable hands, from their initial consultation, right through to treatment and aftercare.

Dr Benji Dhillon
& Dr Mark Hughes

For many years, Dr Dhillon and Dr Hughes have been referring patients to each other out of a mutual respect for the skill and techniques of the other, operating under the shared belief that considering both teeth and skin together produces the best results. Define Clinic was born when Dr Dhillon and Dr Hughes seized their chance to provide a true collaborative experience, with patients given the opportunities to have access to expert aesthetic and dentistry practitioners as part of one cohesive service.


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Patient-Centric Approach

At Define Clinic, we take on a strictly patient-centric approach, ensuring that you are at the centre of all that we do and taking your unique wants and needs into consideration to achieve outstanding final results. When our teams pool their wealth of knowledge, we at DEFINE create a truly unique patient experience that not only helps you look the best possible version of yourself by enhancing your natural beauty, but builds your confidence from the inside-out, ensuring you feel as good as you look.

Define Clinic is a world class medical facility, armed with the latest innovations in medical equipment so that patients can rest assured they are receiving high quality, state of the art care. However, our team also works tirelessly to ensure patients receive treatment in a relaxing, welcoming environment, and always take the time to get to know our patients thoroughly to accurately treat the individual needs and desires and achieve the best, most natural results for you.

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