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Virtual Consultation

At Define Clinic, in addition to the Full Digital Smile Planning service all our expert clinicians can offer a virtual consultation option when it comes to digital planning, which is very simple and involves sending in photographs of your smile or face and answering a short questionnaire. We can even carry out a Facetime or Skype consultation if you would prefer.

The Smile Quiz

The virtual consultation process couldn’t be easier to begin. Simply send us some photos of yourself. This will give the cosmetic dentists an insight into your cosmetic dental goals, along with a glimpse of your natural smile to evaluate what concerns need addressing. After careful assessment and evaluation, you will receive a complimentary preview of the expected results via email within two working days, complete with a range of costs for your treatment options.

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The Perfect Image

Ensuring sufficient images for Dr Hughes to begin the digital smile planning process isn’t tricky. Your photos should be front facing, and feature the entire face and smile. Patients should take care to smile to reveal as many teeth as possible so that our cosmetic dentistry team can evaluate the positioning to the best of their abilities.

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