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WELCOME TO DEFINE CLINIC Welcome to Define Clinic, the new exclusive clinic in Beaconsfield headed up by a renowned team: Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Benji Dhillon and Cosmetic Dentists Dr Mark Hughes. Combining the expertise of its Founders, the Define Clinic brand marries a unique blend of facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry, providing an all encompassing face and smile treatment service for our patients.

At Define we consider and care for the whole face defining who you are with subtle natural results.

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Transformation Orthodontics

A complex case which involved fixed orthodontics to correct her bite, protruding front teeth and gummy smile, followed by crowns and veneers to reconstruct her failing old crowns and fillings.

Transformation Non Surgical Nose Job

A small bump on the nose which had bothered this lady for years was corrected in 10 minutes with dermal fillers.

Transformation Crowns & Veneers

After suffering a very traumatic fall and fracturing her two front teeth she had a combination of new crowns and veneers On her 4 upper front teeth and comprehensive whitening.

Transformation Coolsculpting

In one session of CoolSculpt we were able to non invasively sculpt this ladies tummy which she had struggled to shift despite 5 days in the gym and a healthy diet

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