Dr Teuta Berisha

(GDC: 271657)

Dr Teuta Berisha trained as a dental surgeon at King’s College London and during her studies she developed a special interest in dental and facial aesthetics.

She subsequently undertook extensive training in aesthetic treatments at various academies, followed by mentorship with Dr Dhillon.

Teuta’s gentle approach ensures that patients new to the world of aesthetics are treated at a pace that is comfortable with them. Her results speak for themselves and have patients returning for regular tweakments.

She uses wide-ranging dental anatomical expertise to accentuate, elevate and balance natural facial proportions.

Her favourite area to treat are the lips. She loves how a small amount of filler in this area can have such a profound impact on the confidence of a woman and her incredible outcomes have resulted in her being known locally as The [define] Lip Queen!

In addition to treating patients at Define Clinic, Dr Berisha trains fellow professionals at the Aesthetics Programme academy in Beaconsfield. She also contributes to medical research in collaboration with Dr Dhillon and the Define Clinic team.

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