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If you’ve recently lost a large amount of weight, you may be disheartened to realise that our bodies are susceptible to retaining bulges of fat in particular areas. This is down to genetic factors, as some of us naturally have more fat cells in specific parts of the body. Diet and exercise can help shrink fat cells, but not eliminate them completely. Patients who store fat cells around the neck and jaw may find they’re susceptible to neck fat that resists traditional weight loss methods, particularly as it is very difficult, if not impossible, to concentrate your efforts on one area. The appearance of neck fat can become more apparent as we age, as the collagen and elastins that keep the connective tissues in the skin strong deplete, causing the skin to sag and resulting in a build up in fatty deposits around the neck.

At Define Clinic, we can treat neck fat using cryolipolysis or CoolSculpt, a non invasive fat-freezing procedure that eliminates fat cells through the body’s natural lymphatic system for permanent results. Alternatively, we can use HIFU to lift the skin and help add structure to the chin.

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