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5 Areas of the Face You Can Enhance With Dermal Fillers

As you age, your facial features change. For some, a few wrinkles here and there give the air of distinction or wisdom. In others, sagging or wrinkled skin can make you appear permanently tired, and can even make it look as though you’re scowling.

If you want your face to look fresher and reflect your actual mood, you may have decided to explore facelift options. Surgical treatments can be expensive, and the idea of going under the knife may not be your cup of tea. There is, however, a less invasive option; dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are a great way to give you a more youthful look, and best of all is that you can pretty much get on with your life immediately after your relatively short and straightforward treatment.

In this guide, we’ll look at five of the areas on your face which can be enhanced using dermal fillers.

1. The Lips

If your lips are thinner than you’d like them to be, dermal fillers could help give them volume and create a more symmetrical and contoured appearance.

To create plumper lips, Dr Benji Dhillon and the team will use safe, biocompatible fillers that include Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance that is used in various places throughout the body. 

You may have also developed lines around the lips. These are often caused by repeated smiling or frowning. Again, these can be addressed using dermal fillers.

2. The Chin

As you age, the facial muscles in the lower part of your face weaken. This, coupled with prolonged or excessive sun exposure, can make your chin appear wrinkled. Thankfully, dermal fillers can help by subtly smoothing out your skin.

Dr Dhillon has previously worked as a medical director for a major pharmaceutical brand dealing with facial aesthetics where he led a number of clinical studies into the use of Hyaluronic Acid in dermal fillers. This has further provided him with considerable knowledge and experience working with this type of facial rejuvenation treatment.

3. The Brow Line

A furrowed brow may give the impression that you’re worried or are frowning all the time. There are several potential causes for wrinkles in the brow including the position you sleep, genetics, facial expressions, and exposure to the sun.

Dermal fillers can help smooth lines in your forehead and brow in a subtle and natural way.

One of the best things about dermal fillers, besides the speed and convenience of the treatment, is that the noticeable results will make you look fresh and rejuvenated, without looking as though you’ve had obvious work done.

4. The Tear Trough

Ageing naturally causes a decrease in the production of collagen. This is the protein responsible for providing volume to your skin. In the areas beneath your eyes, depleted collagen can lead to deep lines and wrinkles forming making the eyes look sunken, and causing bags.

Dermal fillers can be used to freshen up your crow’s feet, smooth over the bags, and plump up the sunken areas leading to a more youthful look. 

All in all, a treatment such as this can be done in one short appointment. Provided you’ve not got anything too strenuous planned for the rest of the day, you’ll also be able to get on with your normal routine without worrying about downtime.

5. The Cheeks

As collagen production decreases with age, you may find that your cheeks appear hollow or flat. Using fillers, it’s possible to give more definition to the cheeks and to smooth out any wrinkles.

At Define Clinic, we use fillers from Juvéderm. Typically, the rejuvenating effects of this treatment can last for between 6 and 24 months. After your body has broken down the Hyaluronic Acid, we can get you back in for further tweaks.

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Dermal fillers have a range of applications and can address a number of facial aesthetic concerns. After treatment at Define Clinic, you could say goodbye to wrinkled, loose, or sagging skin and hello to a more youthful you.

If you’re ready to learn more about the way dermal fillers can enhance your face, book an appointment at our Buckinghamshire clinic with Dr Benji Dhillon and the team today.

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