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5 Things You Need To Know About miraDry

Can I Really Stop Sweating Forever?

Sweating isn’t something that affects people only in the summer months. For a large number of people sweating can be a daily struggle. It can be embarrassing, stressful and an ongoing battle people have to put up with. To stop sweating sounds almost too good to be true. Well, it’s not! In fact, Define Clinic are specialists in an exciting treatment called miraDry.

How Does It Work?

miraDry offers a non-surgical solution to everyday sufferers of underarm sweating. It uses non-invasive heat energy to permanently destroy sweat glands under the arms, eliminating sweating and the odours that accompany it. The energy reaches a precise depth in the skin, eradicating sweat glands without damaging the lymph nodes or other surrounding structures. The sweat glands do not repair over time, making MiraDry a permanent solution.

The treatment can be done on anyone. Whether you have an excessive sweating problem, or just want to not worry about underarm sweating ever again.

Does The Treatment Hurt?

The treatment doesn’t hurt, or cause you any pain as the underarm area is treated with an anaesthetic. However you may feel slight discomfort, but we try to eliminate that as much as we can through the anaesthetic. We aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible and ensure you have all the necessary information to put you at ease. The treatment typically takes around one hour.

Is It Safe?

miraDry is FDA approved and is entirely safe on all skin types. You may feel that destroying your sweat glands may not be good for your body, as sweating is healthy and helps our body to keep steady internal temperatures. However, what most people don’t know, is that underarm sweating accounts for only 2% of our body sweat! Therefore miraDry will not affect your normal bodily functions and you will still be able to naturally perspire, just not excessively from the underarms.

How Good Is It In The Long Run? 

After having the miraDry treatment, many patients report they no longer need to use deodorant as it also eliminates not only the sweat but also the dreaded odour.  Patients also no longer get underarm sweat patches or discolouration on their shirts.

Other options of underarm sweat elimination can require ongoing treatment to maintain your results, which can take a toll on both your time and wallet. miraDry can achieve a drastic reduction in sweating with just a single treatment.


miraDry is certainly one of our treatments that clients wish they had done sooner. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin and not feel paranoid about your underarm sweating, please contact us and book an appointment!

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