CoolSculpting: What Is It and What to Expect

Typically, anything that promises a quick and easy solution to rid you of that stubborn fat seems too good to be true. We’ve all seen – and a great many of us have done – 7-minute ab workouts, juice cleanses, tried just about every fad diet going, all with limited success. The quest for a beach body is never-ending, and that model-esque ideal is always tantalisingly out of reach. For some, a consistent effort at diet and exercise across the span of years might do the job. For others, or for those of us who aren’t quite that patient (or, let’s face it, aren’t genetically blessed), there is now an alternative that leaves out the fads and the false promises, all whilst being non-invasive: CoolSculpting.

This relatively new procedure has been growing in popularity over the last few years, but what does it entail and why are so many people having it?

Let’s learn more about CoolSculpting and discover what you can expect from this revolutionary treatment.

What Is CoolSculpting?

It’s called cryolipolysis in medical speak, which translates quite literally into cold (cryo) fat (lipo) destruction (lysis). Straight to the point, then. Cryolipolysis finds its origin in an unusual place; the cofounders of the process originally discovered their interest in what they termed “cold-induced fat necrosis” after observing the effect an ice lolly had on the inside of a child’s mouth when unwittingly left resting on the cheek for several minutes. Several skin samples from paediatric patients later, and they found that this exposure to cold had inflamed the fat in the cheek, but the skin over top had remained normal. The conclusion? Fat is more sensitive to cold injury than other types of tissue.

After the ice lolly discovery, cryolipolysis was tested first on that most famed of fat animals: the pig. In 2007 a cooling device was tested on pigs to see if fat cells could indeed be selectively destroyed, and the results were as promising as they were predictable – in treated areas there was a half-inch reduction in the pigs’ fat layer, with no damage to the overlying skin. By 2010 cryolipolysis had been approved for human use, given the more catchy title ‘CoolSculpting’ and cleared as a treatment for reducing love handles. It wasn’t long before it was cleared for use on other parts of the body too, like back fat, bra fat, thighs, chin and even buttocks. 

Let’s Talk About Fat

Not all fat is the same; we have two different types of fat in our body – there’s subcutaneous fat, which is responsible for love handles, and that annoying little pooch on the bottom of your belly, and visceral fat, which sits on your organs and contributes to conditions like diabetes and heart disease. CoolSculpting targets and destroys subcutaneous fat, which is particularly beneficial to the older generation, as a recent study has shown that the body’s ability to shed subcutaneous fat decreases with age. Essentially, we are fighting an uphill battle against stubborn fat with every turn around the sun.

How Is CoolSculpting Treatment Carried Out?

The first step in the CoolSculpting treatment process is for us to assess how your body stores fat to work out which areas to target so we can make sure we’re using the best applicator.

Prior to treatment, we’ll place a gel pad on you to protect your skin. Next, we’ll apply the applicator. The fat is then sucked into the applicator where the temperature will drop. This will numb the area. Although there may be some discomfort as the vacuum starts, this will soon end once the applicator becomes cold. 

The treatment usually lasts for between 30 minutes and over an hour. During your CoolSculpting session, you can relax and watch TV or read. We’ll make sure the experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Once we’ve finished with the applicator, we’ll gently massage the treatment area. To get the best results, several sessions may be needed. 

Following your treatment session, you may not notice any changes immediately. This is because the cells need to go through a process called ‘apoptosis’. This is the natural death of the cells. After a few weeks, the destroyed fat cells will be cleared from your body and you’ll start to see the effects of the treatment.

What Areas Can Be Addressed?

We can treat many different areas around your face and body including:

  • Under the arms (aka, bingo wings)
  • Around the bra
  • Double chins
  • Under the buttocks
  • The love handles
  • Back fat
  • Chest fat on men
  • Fat around the inner and outer thigh
  • Knee fat
  • Abdominal fat

Who Can Have CoolSculpting?

It’s important that we recognise that CoolSculpting is a fantastic procedure for fat loss, not weight loss. The ideal candidate should already be close to their ideal weight, and looking to shift those stubborn pockets of pinchable fat that diet and exercise don’t quite seem to touch. Therefore, if you’re more than 15 kilograms over your ideal weight, this treatment isn’t going to be effective for you.

Additionally, to have CoolSculpting, your skin shouldn’t be loose.

What Is the Recovery Process Like?

You’ll be glad to know that following the treatment, you can go about your normal life without worrying about any downtime. You may experience some tenderness around the treatment area afterwards, and some swelling and bruising are normal. Severe pain following CoolSculpting treatment is very rare.

How Long Do the Benefits Last?

CoolSculpting differs from weight loss. Whereas diet and exercise will shrink the fat cells in your body, CoolSculpting actually destroys and removes them. This means that the results are permanent. 

The Caveat

For all its benefits, it’s important to maintain good health, as CoolSculpting cannot prevent you from putting weight on in the future. To maintain the amazing results of your treatment, enjoy a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Moreover, because it doesn’t target visceral fat, CoolSculpting is not going to improve your overall health – but it might just help you fit into last summer’s shorts.

CoolSculpting In Buckinghamshire With Define Clinic

If you’re looking for CoolSculpting in Beaconsfield, you’ll be pleased to know that your treatment will be carried out by Dr Benji Dhillon who has carried out considerable research into fat loss techniques and has spoken internationally on behalf of CoolSculpt. 

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