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How To Spot and Avoid Cosmetic Cowboys

How To Spot and Avoid Cosmetic Cowboys 

Cosmetic cowboys… our worst nightmare. Aesthetic medicine is a controversial topic for many, especially on the likes of Instagram and Tik Tok. With access to such popular platforms, we are able to research recommended clinics, practitioners and read the reviews of those who have tried and tested. So how is it possible for cosmetic cowboys to still perform these procedures? 

Like most procedures, injectable treatments come with potential risks. But it’s our job to know the ins and outs of these risks and ensure our patients are safe. Injectables are only increasing in popularity, but so are the untrained individuals experimenting on patients

So What Defines A Cosmetic Cowboy?

A lot of the time, they are under qualified or completely untrained. No experience, no knowledge and often or not no care for their patients. They will perform treatments without medical supervision or with any proof that they can be anywhere near you with a needle! This can potentially become very dangerous, and the outcome can be horrifying.

How To Spot A Cosmetic Cowboy 

There are a few ways you can spot a cosmetic cowboy from a mile off. A lot of the time it’s pretty obvious and merely requires a little common sense. However, it can become harder when their social media page is filled with real content and real followers. They may even have 5 star reviews on Google, leaving it a little more tricky for us to be able to see through them. Here are three of our most important steps to help you avoid cosmetic cowboys:

Book Through A Legitimate Website
Setting up a good Instagram account is as easy as breathing these days. However, a legitimate, professional clinic will have a proper website with a booking system. If they don’t have a website, then they are most likely to be a cowboy.

Avoid Cheap Treatments and Cash Upfront
The bottom line is, well done cosmetic treatments cost money. If you see a deal that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure you do your research and compare prices across the board so that you get a good understanding of what you should really be paying.

If they’re charging a lot less than their competitors, there could be a negative reason for this. If you’re dealing with a legitimate practitioner/ clinic, you’ll never be asked to pay only in cash or pay before the treatment has even started, so this is another thing to bear in mind.

Consent Forms
Always make sure the person carrying out the procedure is a registered health professional who has the necessary qualifications and experience. If you are in doubt, you are well within your rights to ask for proof of this before going ahead. In regards to consent, a way to ensure the practitioners are true to their word, it’s best to make sure that you can sign a consent form. A consent form could be crucial in the event of something going wrong, relating to something you were not made aware of.

Choose Wisely!

If you’re struggling to get an idea of what you want, Define Clinic can offer you a one-to-one consultation with world-renowned Dr Benji Dhillon. He will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure you get the very best results. Contact us today! 

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