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What’s Skinimilism?

What’s Skinimilism?

Skinimilism is 2021’s newest trend. The no-makeup look is the most desired aesthetic right now, and a natural glow is what everyone is searching for – literally. 

Last year, according to The Pinterest Report, people were searching for ’How To Get Naturally Glowing Skin’ four times more than the year before. Plus, the search for ‘natural everyday makeup’ has increased by 180%.

So, where did Skinimilism come from? And, how can you get this year’s hottest look?

Why is Skinimilism a Thing?

Skinimilism has travelled from South Korea and doesn’t just appeal to women. Men are also picking up on the new skip-care trend.

The feeling of not needing to bow to social pressures of wearing makeup or looking super groomed is a liberating sensation with Skinimilism at its heart.

Skinimilism is so popular because it’s promoting less makeup, less time, less effort and most importantly, encouraging appreciation for natural beauty – something we can all get behind.

That said, for many people, their skincare routine isn’t something that they can compromise without their confidence being affected.

We understand that everyone is different and different people require varying skincare routines, so what if skip-care doesn’t work for you?

Not Confident Without Your Skincare Routine?

Makeup brands have reacted to Skinimilism with hybrid products that combine moisturisers with complexion evening concealers and foundations. But, if you genuinely want glowing skin without splashing on high street products, where do you turn for that illuminating au naturale? 

The main reason behind most people’s aesthetic qualms isn’t their makeup; it’s their skin. There are many treatments available to feel better in your skin without the need to trial and test every product on the shelf.

Many cosmetic treatments are a fast track to perfect skin without the hassle of trial and error of shop-bought products. The results also tend to last longer, sometimes even permanently and don’t need daily upkeep. 

Treatments to achieve a natural look

You’d be surprised at how natural results can be with treatments like wrinkle relaxing treatments or dermal fillers. Wrinkle relaxing injections relax the muscles causing frown lines and wrinkles. In comparison, dermal fillers can give your skin a new lease of life by providing your skin with firm bounce and youthfulness.

Things like the Redefine Facial combine two extremely effective treatments to give clear and smooth skin. Redefine Facials consist of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment as well as Laser Resurfacing.

The Redefine Photofacial is a unique treatment that boosts collagen production, treats fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin quality and removes pigmentation in one combined treatment for ultimate naturally glowing skin.

Access Your Natural Glow

At Define Clinic, we’re led by world-renowned and sought-after cosmetic surgeon Dr Benji Dhillon. Dr Dhillon provides elite treatments for some of the UK’s best results. Book your appointment now and unlock your skin’s true potential.

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