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Winter Skin – What You Need To Know

Skincare in the colder months is super important. Your skin might not enjoy radiating the tanned, healthy glow it had a few months ago. Not many people are aware of the cruciality of adapting their skin routine to the changing seasons. After all, your skin reflects its environment. If you’re still using your summer skin routine while the air has developed a frosty bite, your skin won’t stand a chance of fighting off the effects of the cold. So, here are some tips for when the winter bleak bites your cheeks.

It’s Time For Change
If you genuinely care about your skin, you’ll have a proper skin routine down and won’t need lecturing about it. Here’s the thing; everyone needs lecturing about it. If you’re not open-minded when it comes to new products and treatments that can elevate your skin’s qualities, there can be consequences. For example, you found an excellent moisturiser that suits you. You discovered it years ago and have been using that same brand ever since because you know it’s reliable and it does the job. 

So, why should you change it? If this is you, you’ve underestimated how smart the human skin is. While your skin initially feels excellent with a new moisturiser, after around six months, your skin adapts and no longer benefits from the same product every day. Give your skin the boost it deserves. There are so many cost-effective treatments and solutions out there just waiting for you to try.

Winter Skin Vs Summer Skin
Summer skincare isn’t just about safe tanning. There are all kinds of environmental factors that can cause your skin to change. As temperatures rise, you sweat more, resulting in oilier skin and an increased chance of pimples. You’re also more likely to go swimming and expose your skin to harsh pool chemicals or salty water which can have drying and irritating effects.

Surely, winter is a winner, right? Wrong. The winter months provide just as much opportunity for damage to your skin. Cold, harsh temperatures can lead to dry, flaky skin. If or when your skin gets excessively dry, which it’s likely to in winter, it can lead to rashes, redness and further irritation.

How can you make changes to your skin regime to protect your skin from the harsh winter months? Here are some solutions for some of the most common issues our skin faces.

Dry Skin
As we’ve already noted, the skin is heavily affected by changes in temperature. This is because when the air is cold, our pores tighten, stopping the moisture and natural oils from keeping our skin hydrated. Your skin loses its ability to hold moisture by 25% in winter. As well as making sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, there are professional treatments that can work wonders on winter-damaged skin. For example, Dr Benji Dhillon’s Define Clinic Photofacial rejuvenates skin in ways an over-the-counter moisturiser couldn’t. It’s also super safe and usually faster than getting numerous facial treatments.

UV Damage
In winter? Yup. Snow reflects the sun quite intensely, and the effects on our skin are often underestimated. As well as using SPF, we advise trying treatments such as Juvederm Volite and Teoxane Redensity 1. This treatment is perfect for sun-damaged or dry skin. You’ll feel the benefit straight away, and it’ll give your skin the boost it needs after being beaten by chilly weather.

Irritation & Redness
Often a result of untreated, dry skin, redness and irritation can, well, ruin your Christmas. Many turn to makeup to mask the flakiness, but this could make things so much worse. Plus, once you have irritated skin, it can be easily triggered by things like spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and even exercise. Furthermore, a lot of the time, shop-bought moisturising products tend to be fragranced, which will always irritate your skin.

You can avoid further irritation and redness by avoiding triggers. But, how can you adios unsightly redness altogether in time for the big New Year’s Eve party? Queue Dr Dhillon and Define Clinic’s carefully curated Facial Menu provides some of the best skin. The Define Fusion Facial and the Ultimate Skin Envy Facial are perfect for providing that extra boost before a big occasion. The treatments exfoliate and cleanse away pollutants clinging to your face. Your skin won’t be the only thing glowing; your confidence will be shining too. Trust us.

Chapped Lips
Chapped lips are a common dermatological problem that creeps up in winter. Most of us scramble for a chapstick at the first sign of flaky lips and lean on it religiously. However, did you know, chapsticks can dry out your lips even more?

Juvederm and Teoxane moisturising treatments or even dermal fillers are better alternatives that can thoroughly hydrate the skin. Juvederm Volite is popular among cosmetic clinicians because the results are consistently beautiful. Give your skin the beautifying, replenishing treatments it deserves this winter. If you’re interested in any of the treatments mentioned above, contact our clinic in Beaconsfield today.

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